PART NO.  HP-100
Petroleum Hand Pump

The Hand Pump is compatible with a wide variety of petroleum products and fits any container with a 2” NPT bung and tapered threads. Lightweight, die-cast aluminum housing. Stainless steel piston shaft and liner. Built-in anti-siphon valve to prevent leaks.
Pumping Capacity: Up to 1/2 gallon or 1.9 liters/stroke cycle.
1/2 gallon setting for high volume, higher resistance;
1/4 gallon for low volume, low resistance.
Inlet: 1” NPT Outlet: 3/4” NPT
Hose: 3/4” x 8 ft. Dry Prime: 5 ft. minimum
Nozzle: Thermoplastic unleaded nozzle. Built-in nozzle holder.
Suction Pipe: Plastic, adjustable 22 to 40 inches
Security: Handle can be padlocked.

PART NO.  M-150
Standard Volt Electric Pump

Application for low viscosity petroleum fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel. Outdoor, year-round operating use with a temperature range of -20 to +125 degrees F. Designed for mounting on portable, vented storage tanks. Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, cast aluminum body. Convenient spin collar for easy installation.
Pump Rate: Up to 15 GPM Duty Cycle: 30 min. on/30 min. off
Input: 12 volt DC Motor: 1900 rpm Motor Protector: 20 amps
Cord: 15 ft. of 12 gauge Bung: 2” NPT Inlet: 1” NPT
Outlet: 3/4” NPT Hose: 3/4” x 12 ft. Buna-N
Suction: Plastic, adjustable 22 to 40 inches
Security: Nozzle can be padlocked.

Electric Digital Fuel Meter

Designed for outdoor, year-round use on fuel transfer pumps in the 3 to 30 GPM (10 to 100 LPM) flow range. Calibrated at the factory for use with gasoline, diesel fuel or kerosene. Requires two AA batteries that can easily be replaced by the user. Approximate battery life is 9,000 hours.
Installs easily to the above Electric pump, M-150, for maximum efficiency.