Powder Coating

Rapid Engineering 2 Stage Wash Booth

This wash booth sprays a mixture of water and a mixture of phosphate at high pressure. The phosphate wash allows us to clean the parts to be free of dirt and oil before the powder process. The phosphate also prepares the surface for a better adhesion for the power coat.
Gas-Cat Technologies Infrared Oven

This oven is utilized before the powder spraying process. There are a few benefits to having a pre-powdering oven. One is to dry the parts. The other is to pre heat the parts, for better adhesion and proper cohesion of the powder across the entire part.   

JBI Powder Coating Spray Booth

This 2-sided spray booth is used to spray the powder onto the parts from both sides. The fact that this booth is hand operated allows for proper coverage and permits us the versatility to be able to address every surface of the tank that would not normally be utilized with automated operations.

SJS PC200 Gas Fired Curing Oven

Gas fired ovens have some advantages, as opposed to infrared or direct heat. The main reason is that it allows for the entire air space to be heated, permitting even heat distribution for proper and balanced curing of the powder. 

Parker Ionics GX7500S Control System

Parker Ionics is the industry leader in powder coating controls systems. We utilize four of these units to allow for quick change over for our color options. These top of the line units allow us to achieve fast and even distribution of the powder across our parts. 
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